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Vietnamese Mocha Martini

Here's another recipe inspired by @vincehomemade. We were having a little chat after our last endeavor (Vietnamese Frappé Martini); I guess we were just throwing ideas in the air. I decided to put this intriguing idea into fruition.

And I am so glad I did. This is definitely not for the faint of heart as this is super intense with dark chocolatiness with a coffee kick. There is a little surprise after drinking: a dark chocolate truffle (for anyone who you are making this beverage for). I hope you will give this crazy idea a try. Cheers!



Inspired by @vincehomemade

(Serve 1, sadly)

  • Freshly Brewed Coffee, 2 Servings

  • Ice Cubes

  • Coffee Granules, 8g

  • Boiling Water, For Coffee

  • Dark Chocolate Liqueur Preferably Mozart, 1 oz

  • Vodka, 1 oz

  • Dark Chocolate Truffle Preferably Lindt, 1

  • Raw Cacao Nibs, For Garnishing



  • Vietnamese Coffee Dripper

  • Ice Cube Tray

  • Martini Glassware

  • Cocktail Shaker



  1. Pour freshly brewed coffee into an ice cube tray.

  2. *You can use a normal coffee maker or a moka pot to brew your coffee.*

  3. Freeze in the freezer until frozen solid.

  4. When about to serve add some normal ice cubes into martini glassware to keep it chilled.

  5. Place the spanner onto a serving cup.

  6. Followed by the chamber.

  7. Add coffee granules into the chamber.

  8. Give it a light shake to even out.

  9. Place the insert on top of the coffee.

  10. Pack it down tightly.

  11. *If your insert is the screw-on type, screw it down tightly and release it just a bit.*

  12. Add 1 to 2 TBSP of boiling water into the chamber.

  13. *Water has to be boiling.*

  14. Let it sit for 30 secs.

  15. Pour boiling water into the chamber in a circular motion.

  16. Fill it up just below the brim.

  17. Place on the cap and watch it drip.

  18. Once the dripping stop, remove the cap and place it upside down on a table.

  19. Remove the dripper and place it onto the cap.

  20. *You can find out more about the Vietnamese dripper parts here.*

  21. Add the frozen coffee ice cubes into a cocktail shaker, followed by the Vietnamese coffee.

  22. Add in the dark chocolate liqueur and vodka.

  23. Slam the lid tightly and shake until well combined and foamy.

  24. Discard the ice cubes from the glassware and place the chocolate truffle into the glassware.

  25. Strain the martini into the glassware.

  26. Garnish with some raw cacao nibs.

  27. Cheers!



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