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Daniel Lim

I came from the Aerospace industry. Yes, I had been maintaining, repairing and inspecting airplanes for more than 15 years. I love food from a very young age. While many of my peers would mingle with various activities, I would be in the kitchen watching my grandma and mother cooked. Sometimes my grandma would bake some of her kueh or cakes.

As far as I can remember, my very 1st recipe which I made all by myself is an egg salad sandwich. My aunt makes the best egg salad sandwich. Even to now, I would still crave for it; it has become my favorite comfort food. From that sandwich, I told myself, "if I can make this, I can make something better."

That was the point when I started exploring recipes in libraries and cookbooks. Back then, there wasn't any internet. Peter Reinhart's American Pie is my 1st cookbook and it remains my dearest cookbook. I fall in love with pizza when I was watching TMNT. I thought it would be cool if I can make some pizzas and be one of those turtles. Michelangelo to exact. Having American Pie further solidifies my love for pizzas. It has since become an obsession.

Just like the egg salad sandwich, once I learn how to make pizzas, I know I can do more and more. That had led me to where I am today; sharing my humble recipes with you lovely people.

My intent is to get more people cooking and baking in the kitchen. Ultimately changing the way we farm, cook/bake and eat. Hence the motto: Farm responsibly, cook ethically and eat thoughtfully.

Join me on this journey.


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