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Dalgona Tiramisu

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Somebody requested a dalgona tiramisu. They asked and they shall receive. You know what? Let's kickstart the dalgona trend again! I mean, since the whipped coffee is lit, why let it die off as just a one-time viral sensation? Agree?

I am using the same recipe for the cream cheese fillings as my previous dalgona cheesecake. The rest is just dipping the savoiardi into coffee and stacking them up. Yes! Tiramisu is actually pretty simple and easy to make. No excuse for you not to make 1.

Isn't this heavenly?

I am just using my drinking glasses to serve this tiramisu. Maybe someday, I will do a proper full-size tiramisu. In the meantime, let's indulge in this dalgona version.



(Serve 2)

  • Tiramisu:

  • Freshly Brewed Coffee, 1 Serving

  • Coffee Liqueur, 2 TBSP

  • Lady Fingers / Savoiardi, A Handful

  • High Quality Cocoa Powder Preferably Callebaut or Valrhona, For Dusting

  • Mascarpone:

  • Egg Yolks, 2

  • Demerara Sugar, 70g

  • Egg Whites, 2

  • Sea Salt, Pinch

  • Mascarpone, 225g

  • Fresh Orange Zest, 1/2 Orange

  • Dalgona Coffee:

  • High Quality Instant Coffee Preferably Little's, 5g

  • Granulated Sugar, 15g

  • Water, 15g





  1. In a bowl, combine coffee and coffee liqueur.

  2. Keep chilled in the fridge until ready to use.

  3. Prepare the mascarpone.

  4. Prepare a double boiler.

  5. Add the egg yolks onto the double boiler.

  6. Whisk until it turns pale yellowish.

  7. *Make sure the simmering water does not touch the bowl, else the eggs will scramble.*

  8. Add in the sugar and whisk until everything is fully incorporated.

  9. The mixture should thicken and the color should darken.

  10. In another bowl, using a hand or stand mixer, whisk egg whites and salt until stiff peaks form.

  11. Fold the mascarpone in 1/2 portions into the yolk mixture until everything is fully incorporated.

  12. Fold in the egg whites in 1/3 portions until everything is well combined.

  13. Add in the orange zest and give it a final fold.

  14. Transfer into a piping bag and keep chilled until ready to use.

  15. Prepare the tiramisu.

  16. Dip one savoiardi into the coffee mixture and flip only once.

  17. I'm just using drinking glasses to serve my dalgona tiramisu, so I will be breaking the savoiardi in halves to fit into the glasses.

  18. Pipe the mascarpone mixture onto the savoiardi.

  19. Repeat the steps and stack to the brim.

  20. Chill in the fridge overnight.

  21. Prepare the dalgona coffee.

  22. The next day, in a large bowl, add instant coffee, sugar and water.

  23. Stir to dissolve the coffee and sugar.

  24. Use a hand or stand mixer, and whip the coffee mixture until stiff peaks.

  25. It will take 10 to 15 mins.

  26. Assembly.

  27. Spoon the dalgona coffee onto the tiramisu.

  28. Dust some cocoa powder over the top.

  29. Lastly, gently stick a savoiardi into the tiramisu.

  30. Serve immediately.

This is pure foodgasm...

I'm in heaven...


Recipe Video:

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