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Tiramisu Panna Cotta

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

What's Xmas without all the goody desserts? I posted this dish before on my Instagram when I was still working at a pizzeria. I was trying to use whatever I have in the kitchen to create a simple tiramisu; the whole panna cotta thingy just popped into my head, one of those light bulb moments.

The crew loved it so much and that was how this dish is born. I thought of serving this creation for dinner last Xmas and also taking the opportunity to really do it properly and better this time. I am so glad that I did.

Ain't that a beauty? In my opinion, there is still room for improvement and it is far from perfect. I will re-visit this recipe in the future to perfect it for sure. In the meantime, let's enjoy this adorable dessert with or without the festive vibes.



(Make 4 panna cotta)

  • Panna Cotta:

  • Gelatin Sheets, 3

  • Heavy Whipping Cream, 400g

  • Whole Milk, 75g

  • Caster Sugar, 100g

  • Espresso / Strong Coffee Freshly Brewed, 50g

  • Sweet Dessert Wine Vin Santo, 50g (Optional)

  • For Serving:

  • Espresso Freshly Brewed, 20g

  • Cognac / Grand Marnier, 20g

  • High Quality Unsweetened Cocoa Powder Preferably Valrhona or Callebaut, For Dusting

  • Edible Gold Dust, For Dusting

  • Savoiardi, 4

  • Raw Cacao Nibs, For Garnishing



  • Sauce Pot

  • Ramekins, 4

  • Blow Torch



  1. Prepare the panna cotta.

  2. Spray water onto ramekins. This is to prevent the panna cotta from sticking.

  3. Bloom gelatin sheets in a bowl of water.

  4. In a sauce pot over medium-low heat, add cream, milk and sugar.

  5. Whisk lightly to combine well and until the sugar has dissolved.

  6. Bring it up to a simmer.

  7. As soon as it starts to simmer, remove it from heat.

  8. *Do not allow the mixture to boil.*

  9. Immediately, add in espresso, (vin santo if using) and the bloomed gelatin.

  10. Whisk to combine well and until the gelatin has dissolved.

  11. Pour the mixture into the ramekins.

  12. Use a blow torch to blow out any air bubbles.

  13. Chill in the fridge to set, preferably overnight.

  14. To serve.

  15. In a shallow bowl, add in espresso and wine.

  16. Stir to combine well.

  17. Chill in the fridge until ready to use.

  18. Prepare a bowl of boiling water bath.

  19. Leave the ramekin of panna cotta in the hot water bath for about 30 secs to 45 secs.

  20. As soon as the panna cotta can start to wobble, remove it from the water bath.

  21. *Do not leave it in the hot water bath for too long, or the panna cotta will melt.*

  22. Carefully flip and unmold onto a serving plate.

  23. Dust with cocoa powder and gold dust over the top.

  24. Soak the savoiardi in the espresso mixture.

  25. *Do not soak for too long, preferably a few turns in the espresso mixture.*

  26. Lean the savoiardi at the side of the panna cotta.

  27. Lastly, sprinkle some cacao nibs over the top.

  28. Serve immediately.

Silky smooth and jiggly goodness...

Every bite is nostalgic...


Recipe Video:

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