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My Pizza Fritta: The Singapore Black Pepper Crab

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

After creating the Singapore chili crab fried pizza, I couldn't resist the urge to make this version, and I'm incredibly glad I did! The harmonious blend of the sauce and crab atop the fried pizza dough is a true culinary delight, a perfect match that feels like it was meant to be.

Sometimes I even fantasize about running a food store selling both open-faced toasts and fried pizzas – that's how much I adore this combination.

Speaking of fried pizza, my fascination with it goes back over a decade. Long before I saw others travel to Naples to relish their share of pizza fritta, I stumbled upon the concept myself. It was during those moments when I craved the taste of wood-fired oven-style pizza, something that was quite hard to replicate in my own kitchen.

So, I tried frying pizza dough on a whim. As I savored the results, I couldn't help but think that this culinary concept must have roots somewhere in Italy.

And indeed, after some research, I was proven right. Fried pizza, known as pizza fritta, traces its origins back to Naples, Italy – the very birthplace of pizza. The intriguing part is that fried pizza emerged from practicality; it was a solution for those who couldn't afford wood-fired ovens.

This intriguing piece of pizza history has sparked my creativity, and you can expect more fried pizza recipes to come your way. But for now, let's dive into crafting this delectable recipe. Gorgeous handmade dinnerware from KRA Sanctuary.



(Make 2 pizzas)

  • Unsalted Butter, 1 TBSP

  • High Quality Crab Meat Fresh or Frozen, 2 TBSP

  • My Multi-Purpose Pizza Dough, 2 Dough Balls / 150g Each

  • Grapeseed / Sunflower / Canola / Peanut Oil, For Frying

  • Singapore Black Pepper Crab Sauce Homemade, For Spreading

  • Gruyere Freshly Shredded, A Pinch

  • Low Moisture Mozzarella Freshly Shredded, A Pinch

  • Parmigiano Reggiano Freshly Grated, A Pinch

  • Scallions Coarsely Chopped, A Handful

  • Fresh Lime Zest, 1 Lime



  • Dutch Oven / Deep Fryer

  • Cast Iron Skillet / Pan

  • Oven



  1. Please visit my “Singapore Black Pepper Crab" page for the recipe.

  2. Please visit my “My Multi-Purpose Pizza Dough” page for the dough recipe.

  3. In a skillet over medium heat, add butter.

  4. Once the butter starts to melt, add in the crab meat.

  5. Sear until lightly cooked thru'.

  6. Remove from heat and set aside.

  7. Preheat the oven to the highest temperature setting or set it to broil.

  8. If you have baking steel, use it.

  9. If not, you can use an inverted baking tray.

  10. Prepare a dutch oven or a deep fryer with at least 3 inches of oil.

  11. *Insert a wooden chopstick into the oil. If bubbles are forming around the tip of the chopstick, the temperature of the oil is ready.*

  12. After shaping the pizza dough (as shown in the recipe video), gently and carefully, drop the pizza dough into the oil away from you.

  13. Deep fry until the bottom is golden brown.

  14. Carefully flip the pizza dough.

  15. Deep fry until golden brown on the other side as well.

  16. Carefully transfer the pizza dough onto a wire cooling rack or a plate lined with kitchen paper to drain off excess oil.

  17. Spoon and spread the black pepper sauce over the pizza dough.

  18. Grate the 3 cheeses over the top.

  19. Top the pizza off with small dollops of the seared crab meat.

  20. Wack into the oven and broil until the cheese has melted.

  21. *Keep an eye on it, as the pizza will get burned very fast.*

  22. Carefully remove from the oven and transfer onto a serving plate.

  23. Garnish with some scallions and lime zest.

  24. Slice and serve immediately.

  25. Repeat the steps for the remaining pizza.

Mama Mia...



Recipe Video:

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