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Orange Vietnamese Coffee

This beverage is inspired by Dan McLaughlin aka @softpourn. You can check out his videos on TikTok for awesome coffee ideas. I am not sure what to think of this coffee; it is a love or hate affair. At 1st sip, I thought it was bizarre, but the more sips I drank, I began to like it in a weird way.

This is the kinda beverage that you need to give a shot at and find out for yourself. It is all up to your palate. This is not the original recipe. This is just my inspired version, you have to check it out on @softpourn's TikTok page for the original recipe (sadly, I cannot find the direct link).

If I am not wrong, he uses espresso, ice cubes, orange slices and sparkling water. I hope you will give this idea a try. Cheers!



Inspired by Dan McLaughlin aka @softpourn

(Serve 1, sadly)

  • Orange Slices, For Ice Cubes

  • Fresh Orange Juice, 1 Orange

  • Coffee Granules, 8g

  • Boiling Water, For Coffee

  • Sparkling Water, For Coffee



  • Vietnamese Coffee Dripper

  • Ice Cube Tray



  1. Pour some water into an ice cube tray.

  2. Slice the orange slices into small triangles and sink them into the water.

  3. Freeze in the freezer until frozen solid.

  4. Once the coffee ice cubes are frozen, place the spanner onto a cup.

  5. Followed by the chamber.

  6. Add coffee granules into the chamber.

  7. Give it a light shake to even out.

  8. Place the insert on top of the coffee.

  9. Pack it down tightly.

  10. *If your insert is the screw-on type, screw it down tightly and release it just a bit.*

  11. Add 1 to 2 TBSP of boiling water into the chamber.

  12. *Water has to be boiling.*

  13. Let it sit for 30 secs.

  14. Pour boiling water into the chamber in a circular motion.

  15. Fill it up just below the brim.

  16. Place on the cap and watch it drip.

  17. Once the dripping stop, remove the cap and place it upside down on a table.

  18. Remove the dripper and place it onto the cap.

  19. Pour the coffee into a pitcher and set it aside.

  20. Add the orange ice cubes into a serving cup.

  21. Pour in the orange juice, followed by Vietnamese coffee.

  22. And lastly, some sparkling water to fill up the cup.

  23. Give it a stir and enjoy.

  24. Cheers!

Will you give it a try?


Recipe Video:

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