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Dirty Matcha Latte

There’s something wonderfully surprising about discovering a new flavor combination that just clicks—like matcha and coffee in this Dirty Matcha Latte. It’s my new favorite pick-me-up, blending the earthy subtlety of matcha with the robust depth of freshly brewed coffee. If you’ve never thought these two could be partners in a cup, this recipe is ready to prove just how beautifully they can dance together.

The process involves a bit of artistry, from brewing the perfect cup of coffee with precision to whisking the matcha into a frothy, creamy delight. The final concoction is a layered beverage that's not only visually striking but also a delight to the taste buds.

I encourage you to give this Dirty Matcha Latte a try, especially if you're curious about combining different flavors or simply looking for a new morning ritual. It’s a fantastic way to shake up your usual coffee routine or to introduce a little variety into your afternoon slump.

The blend of caffeine from the coffee and the steady energy release from the matcha makes for a beverage that’s both invigorating and soothing. So, grab your whisk and your favorite mug, and prepare yourself for a sip of something truly special. This might just become your new go-to!



(Serve 1)

  • Medium-Course Ground Coffee, 20g + More For Garnishing

  • Boiling Water, 200g + More

  • High Quality Culinary Grade Matcha Powder, 4g / 2 TSP + More For Garnishing

  • Warm Water, 100g

  • Whole Milk, For Frothing



  • V60 Coffee Brewer

  • Milk Frother

  • Matcha Brewing Kit - Chawan + Whisk



  1. I am using a V60 to brew my coffee.

  2. You can check out James Hoffman's detailed guide here.

  3. Lightly wash the coffee paper filter with boiling water.

  4. Discard the water.

  5. Add ground coffee into the center of the filter.

  6. Create a small well in the center.

  7. Bloom the coffee with 40g of boiling water.

  8. Sit for 30 seconds.

  9. After 30 seconds, pour the remaining 160g of boiling water.

  10. Gently swirl the brewer and allow the coffee to drip.

  11. While the coffee is dripping, add some warm water to chawan.

  12. Soak the whisk in the warm water for 1 min.

  13. *This is to soften the whisk, making it easier to whisk and it will last longer.*

  14. After 1 min, discard the water.

  15. Add matcha powder and warm water.

  16. *The warm water has to be 90 degree celsius or 195 fahrenheit.*

  17. Slowly whisk in an "M" motion.

  18. Increase the speed gradually.

  19. Continue whisking until the matcha is frothy.

  20. Pour milk into a serving glass until 1/4 full.

  21. With a milk frother, froth milk until foamy.

  22. Pour the prepared matcha into the frothed milk.

  23. Followed by brewed coffee.

  24. Garnish with some ground coffee and matcha.

  25. Cheers!



Recipe Video:

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