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Chocolate Truffles

Updated: Apr 12

Chocolate truffles have a bit of a luxurious reputation, but here's the thing: they're surprisingly simple to make at home, and you don't need to splurge at a fancy store to enjoy their rich decadence.

The origin of chocolate truffles goes back to France in the 1920s. They were named for their resemblance to truffle mushrooms, and like their namesake, these chocolates are a treasure to be discovered. With this recipe, you're taking a classic and giving it a personal touch with flavors like orange zest, coffee, and a hint of cayenne – it's like crafting your own little gourmet gems.

Using high-quality dark chocolate, like Valrhona or Callebaut, really makes a difference, elevating the truffles from just sweet treats to an indulgent experience. The process is pretty straightforward: melt chocolate, mix in your flavors, add cream, and chill.

Then, the fun part – shaping and rolling them into little balls of joy. It's almost therapeutic, and the end result is so worth it. Plus, you get to customize them with your favorite coatings.

So, if you've ever wanted to try your hand at making something a little fancy, without the fuss or the hefty price tag, these chocolate truffles are a great place to start. They're perfect for sharing with friends, gifting someone special, or just treating yourself to a little bite of luxury.

And who knows? Once you've tried homemade, you might never want to go back to store-bought again. Give it a whirl and discover just how easy (and satisfying) gourmet chocolate-making can be!



(Make 24 chocolate truffles)

  • High Quality 70% Dark Chocolate Preferably Valrhona or Callebaut, 300g

  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, 1 TSP

  • Ground Coffee, 1 TSP

  • Fresh Orange Zest, 1 Orange

  • Cayenne, Pinch

  • Cointreau, 3 TBSP

  • Heavy Whipping Cream, 300g

  • High Quality Cocoa Powder Preferably Valrhona or Callebaut, For Rolling

  • Raw Cacao Nibs, For Rolling





  1. Melt chocolate in a double boiler.

  2. Remove from heat once the chocolate has completely melted.

  3. Add in salt, coffee, orange zest, cayenne and Cointreau.

  4. Mix to combine well and set it aside to infuse.

  5. In a sauce pot over medium heat, add cream.

  6. Bring it up to a boil.

  7. Once the cream starts to boil, remove from heat.

  8. Add and mix the cream to the chocolate mixture, 1/3 portion at a time, until everything is fully incorporated.

  9. Lightly whisk to combine well.

  10. *By adding the cream slowly, it will prevent the chocolate from splitting and seizing.*

  11. Set in the fridge chilled, for at least 6 hrs or preferably overnight.

  12. Transfer the cocoa powder to a shallow bowl.

  13. Using a melon baller, scoop out the chocolate.

  14. Roll to a ball and stuff in some cacao nibs.

  15. Drop onto the cacao powder.

  16. Roll to coat the chocolate fully.

  17. Repeat the process for the remaining chocolate.

  18. Serve immediately.

In this insane heat and humidity, it almost melts in my hand...



Recipe Video:

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