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Chamomile Tea

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

One of the comments on my parsley tea on TikTok was asking about a liver cleansing tea. I did some research and found out that chamomile and jujube actually help to detox our liver. Jujube is Chinese dried red dates. They will plump up and softens after cooking which makes them super yummilicious.

Be sure to use orangic chamomile. As for the sweetener, you can totally omit it or you can use maple syrup or pure honey. When it comes to honey, make sure it is 100% pure honey. There are loads high fructose corn syrup pretending to be honey in the market.

PS: This is not a miracle tea. Please consult a doctor for your liver problems.



(Serve 2)

  • Chamomile Preferably Organic, 3 TBSP

  • Jujube (Chinese Dried Red Dates) Pitted Halved, 9 Adjust To Preference

  • Water, 500ml

  • Maple Syrup, 2 TBSP (Optional & Adjust To Preference)



  • Sauce Pot



  1. Transfer all the ingredients to a pot over medium heat.

  2. Stir to combine well and until the maple syrup, if using, has dissolved.

  3. Bring it up to a simmer.

  4. Cook for 3 to 5 mins.

  5. Remove from heat.

  6. Cover and set aside to infuse for 10 mins.

  7. Strain to a serving cup and add some jujubes.

  8. Enjoy immediately.

  9. Cheers!



Recipe Video:

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