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My parents are from Indonesia. To say that I can't really take spicy food is like a Mexican is allergic to beans or an Italian is allergic to cheese. I have never been a fan of spicy food. You must be flabbergasted that I am posting a sambal recipe. Well, I am promoting my local homemade sambal chili brand, @chillibellasg. If you are residing in Singapore, you have to give it a try; not too overly spicy with lots of flavors.

If you are not residing in Singapore, you can use any sambal you desire. Thai red chili paste is also a great substitute. I made a Tom Yum Grilled Pizza back in 2019 using Thai Red Chili Paste. You can check it out if you wanna make it from scratch.

I decided to pair the sambal with the most versatile ingredient, the egg. I also decided to create 3 recipes with this pairing.

The 1st dish is scrambled eggs with sambal; it is called Sambal Telur Hancur in Indonesia. The eggs are stirfried with sambal in a large amount of oil. I took a different route with a double boiler and less oil. I also toned down the spiciness with milk, cream, mayo and butter. My grandma would probably kill me for doing so. Lol!

I slapped the scrambled sambal eggs onto some homemade pita bread, garnished with scallions plus pickled chilies and called this brunch. Yeah, I'm gonna get killed by my grandma. Haha! On a side note, do not skip the pickled chilies part. You will need some acidity to cut thru' the richness. In closing, I hope you will give this recipe a try.


(Serve 2)

  • Canola / Peanut / Vegetable Oil, For Sauteing

  • Red Onion Finely Grated, 1

  • @chillibellasg's Sambal / Any Sambal / Thai Red Chili Paste, 1 Heaped TBSP (Adjust To Preference)

  • Eggs, 175g or 3 Large Eggs

  • Whole Milk, 13g

  • Heavy Whipping Cream, 10g

  • Kewpie Mayo, 1 TBSP

  • Unsalted Butter, 10g

  • Fresh Orange Zest, 1/2 Orange

  • Sea Salt, Pinch

  • Black Pepper, Pinch

  • Homemade Pita, 2

  • Scallions Finely Chopped, For Garnishing

  • Pickled Red Chilies, For Garnishing



  1. Please visit my "How To Make Greek Pita Bread" for the recipe.

  2. Please visit my "How To Pickle Almost Anything" on how to pickle chilies.

  3. Please visit my "How To Make Sambal" page if you wanna make your own sambal.

  4. In a skillet over medium heat, add oil.

  5. Once the oil is heated up, add in the grated onion.

  6. Saute until aromatic.

  7. Add in the sambal.

  8. Saute until well combined.

  9. Once the liquid has almost evaporated and becomes a paste, remove from heat.

  10. Set aside to cool down slightly.

  11. Prepare a double boiler.

  12. Add eggs, milk, cream, mayo, butter, orange zest and the sambal mixture onto the double boiler.

  13. Stir until well combined and the butter has completely melted.

  14. Season with salt and pepper.

  15. Continue stirring until the sides start sticking, the eggs start to scramble but still creamy.

  16. If you desired creamy consistency, you can stop here.

  17. I prefer some texture and I cooked it a bit further.

  18. Remove from heat.

  19. Serve on some pita bread.

  20. Garnish with scallions and pickled chilies.

  21. Sandwich and enjoy it immediately.

Here's the recipe video:

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