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Poulet à la Crème

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Here's another classic French dish. What I love about this dish is how few main ingredients are used: chicken, onion, mushrooms and cream. I saw some don't even use mushrooms. It is easy and simple to prepare and cook. but it is also very easy to get it wrong. I am not saying that my recipe is better than all the French recipes out there. This is just my way of preparing and cooking this classic French dish.

A chefy touch is to use a combination of made-from-scratch chicken broth and dry white wine with a sachet of herbs and spices. But I wanna keep mine as simple as possible. I used just plain water infused with some herbs. You can of cos go that chefy route if desired. The plate is your canvas and you are the artist.

As for the mushrooms, you can totally omit them if you are not a fan. You can also replace Swiss brown for some shiitake, porcini or even white button mushrooms. And for the chicken, I wouldn't recommend breast as it tends to dry out during the last simmering stage. Chicken thighs or drumsticks work best for this recipe. Allowing for the chicken to rest after searing is the key to getting a succulent texture.

As simple and easy as this recipe is, I hope you will give this recipe a try.



(Serve 4)

  • Simple Water Stock:

  • Water, 480g

  • Garlic Crushed, 2 Cloves

  • Black Pepper, Pinch

  • Dried Thyme, Pinch

  • Dried Tarragon, Pinch

  • Chicken:

  • Chicken Thigh Skinless Boneless, 4

  • Sea Salt, Pinch

  • White Pepper Preferably Hexa, Pinch

  • Dried Mushroom Powder, Pinch

  • Olive Oil, 1 TBSP

  • Unsalted Butter, For Cooking

  • Swiss Brown Mushrooms Finely Sliced, 12

  • Yellow Onion Wedged, 1

  • All Purpose Flour, 1 TBSP

  • Heavy Whipping Cream, 120g

  • Dried Thyme, Pinch

  • Dried Tarragon, Pinch



  • Cast Iron Skillet / Pan

  • Sauce Pot



  1. Prepare the simple water stock.

  2. In a sauce pot over medium heat, add in all the ingredients.

  3. Stir to combine well. Bring it up to simmer.

  4. Cook until aromatic.

  5. Remove from heat and set aside.

  6. Prepare the chicken.

  7. Slice the chicken thigh into halves to have 8 pieces.

  8. Transfer into a large bowl.

  9. Season generously with salt, Hexa's white pepper and mushroom powder.

  10. Coat the chicken well with the seasonings.

  11. Set aside.

  12. In a skillet over medium heat, add olive oil and 2 TBSP of butter.

  13. Once the butter starts to melt, add in the chicken.

  14. *Do not crowd the skillet. Do it in batches if needed.*

  15. Once the bottom is golden brown, add in 1 TBSP of butter.

  16. Tilt the skillet and baste the chicken with all the liquid.

  17. Continue cooking for 1 min.

  18. Remove from heat, transfer onto a plate and set aside.

  19. Discard any excess fat, leaving just enuff for sauteing on the skillet.

  20. Add in the mushrooms and 1 TBSP of butter.

  21. Saute, picking up all the bits and pieces on the skillets.

  22. Continue to cook until the mushrooms are caramelized.

  23. Add in the onion and season with salt and Hexa's white pepper.

  24. Saute to combine well.

  25. Add in flour and 1 TBSP of butter.

  26. Saute until the flour has fully incorporated.

  27. Run the simple water stock thru' a sieve and into the skillet.

  28. *Discard all the residue.*

  29. Stir to combine well.

  30. Add in cream and deglaze.

  31. Add in the chicken and all the liquid that's left on the plate.

  32. Stir until well combined.

  33. Bring it up to a simmer.

  34. Continue to cook until the cream has slightly reduced and coats the back of a spoon.

  35. Taste and adjust for seasonings with salt and Hexa's white pepper.

  36. Give it a final stir.

  37. Remove from heat and transfer onto individual serving plates.

  38. Sprinkle some thyme and tarragon over the top.

  39. Serve immediately.



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