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You're already well aware of my preference for black, unsweetened coffee. But every now and then, a fleeting craving for a macchiato strikes me. Unlike the richness of a cappuccino, a macchiato is a delicate dance between coffee, typically espresso, and a kiss of milk foam. It's a nuanced balance that never overwhelms.

Sabana's Signature Blend...

Drawing from this concept, I decided to infuse the essence of Singaporean coffee into the mix. And I must say, it's a symphony of flavors! This concoction has swiftly become my ultimate Singaporean coffee indulgence. If you're feeling adventurous, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this Singapore-inspired cup of Joe a whirl. It just might become your new favorite too.



(Serve 1)

  • Singapore Blend Ground Coffee Preferably Sabana, 20g

  • Boiling Water, 200g + More

  • Whole Milk, To Froth Or Oat Milk Homemade



  • Cloth Drip Pot / V60

  • Sauce Pot

  • Milk Frother



  1. I am using my drip pot to make this coffee. You can also use V60.

  2. "Wash" the drip cloth with boiling water and discard the water.

  3. Add the coffee to the drip cloth.

  4. Bloom the coffee with 40g of boiling water.

  5. Sit for 30 seconds.

  6. After 30 seconds, pour the remaining 160g of boiling water.

  7. Move the drip cloth in an up-and-down motion, they called this "pulling".

  8. Once the coffee has completely dripped, pour over into the sauce pot in a pulling motion as well.

  9. Repeat the step back to the drip pot.

  10. Froth milk with a milk frother until super foamy.

  11. Pour the coffee into a serving cup to about 3/4 way full.

  12. Top the coffee with all the foam from the frothed milk.

  13. You can use the milk for another coffee recipe.

  14. Serve immediately.

  15. Cheers!



Recipe Video:

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