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My Grilled Pizza: Garden Harmony

Updated: Jul 2

The "Garden Harmony Grilled Pizza" was born out of a fond memory of enjoying a uniquely delicious pizza at a popular chain, and a spark of inspiration to bring that experience into the world of grilled pizza.

This creation marries the smoky, charred texture of grilled dough with the vibrant freshness of garden greens, rich cheeses, and a robust tomato base. It's a culinary experiment that turned into a favorite, showing just how versatile pizza can be when you play with different cooking methods and flavors.

Grilling the pizza dough adds a delightful twist to the traditional baking method, infusing each bite with a hint of smokiness and achieving that irresistible crispy texture.

Once the cheeses melt and mingle with the tangy tomato sauce, the pizza is finished with a scattering of fresh arugula and alfalfa, turning each slice into a celebration of both flavor and texture. The drizzle of extra virgin olive oil just before serving adds a final, luxurious touch that brings all the components together.

I encourage you to try making this Garden Harmony Grilled Pizza in your kitchen. It’s a perfect choice for anyone looking to elevate their homemade pizza experience. Whether it’s a quiet evening at home or a gathering with friends, this pizza promises not only to satisfy hunger but also to spark conversations around the grill.

So, gather your ingredients, fire up your griddle, and prepare to impress with a pizza that’s as enjoyable to make as it is to eat.



(Make 2 grilled pizzas)

  • Grilled Pizza Dough Homemade, 2 Dough Balls

  • Sesame Oil, For Brushing

  • Tomato Sauce Homemade, For Spreading

  • Low-Moisture Mozzarella, For Grating

  • Parmigiano Reggiano, For Grating

  • Olives Halved, A Handful

  • Arugula, A Handful

  • Alfalfa, A Handful

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil, For Drizzling



  • Griddle



  1. Please visit my "Grilled Pizza Dough" page for the recipe.

  2. Please visit my "How To Make Tomato Sauce" page for the recipe.

  3. Once you have rolled out your pizza dough, brush the griddle with sesame oil with a pastry brush.

  4. *Remember to use a fork and gently poke all over. This is crucial as it will prevent the crust to puff up.*

  5. In a griddle over medium heat, gently place in the dough.

  6. Carefully and gently, use your hands to press down the dough to make sure the whole dough sits fully on the griddle.

  7. Brush the top with more sesame oil.

  8. Grill until lightly charred.

  9. Flip the dough.

  10. Immediately turn the heat down to medium-low.

  11. Top the pizza with the tomato sauce, spreading it out evenly.

  12. Grate some mozzarella and parmigiano over the top.

  13. Distribute the olives evenly across the pizza.

  14. Immediately cover the griddle to generate steam in order for the cheese to melt.

  15. As soon as the cheese melts and the bottom is lightly charred, remove the cover.

  16. Remove the pizza from the heat and transfer it onto a serving plate.

  17. Distribute arugula and alfalfa evenly onto the pizza.

  18. Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil over the top.

  19. Repeat the steps for the remaining pizza.

  20. Slice and serve immediately.

Inspiration from Yellow Cab's Dear Darla...


Recipe Video:

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