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How To Make Cookie Butter

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

I have lots of leftover Honey Cookie powder from my previous Medovik recipe. I thought why not make cookie butter outta them. You can use any type of cookies you desire, Biscoff (some called them Speculoos) works best. I prefer adding lots of spices to my cookie butter. If it isn't for you, you can omit them entirely.

You can use a blender or food processor to churn your cookie butter. And if you happen to have a conching gadget, now it is time to put it to good use. I am not sure how long this cookie butter will last at room temperature. The coconut oil is kinda there to add an extra layer of "protection".


Ingredients: (Make 500ml)

  • Leftover Russian Honey Cookies Homemade / Biscoff or Any Cookie, 200g

  • Water, 200g

  • High Quality Honey / Maple Syrup, 30g Adjust To Preference

  • Sea Salt, Pinch

  • Coconut Oil, 170g

  • Cookie Spice Blend Homemade, 1 TBSP



  • Spice Grinder

  • Cast Iron Skillet

  • Sauce Pot

  • High Speed Blender / Food Processor



  1. Please visit my "Cookie Spice Blend" page for the recipe.

  2. Please visit my "Medovik" page for the recipe.

  3. In the same spice grinder, add whatever cookie you are using.

  4. Blitz until powder forms.

  5. In a sauce pot over medium heat, add the cookie powder.

  6. Stir in water and honey.

  7. Sieve in the spice blend.

  8. Continue stirring until the cookie has dissolved and has thickened into cookie butter.

  9. Remove from heat.

  10. Taste and adjust for seasonings with salt, honey or more spices.

  11. *I added more honey and all the spices along with some water to my palate.*

  12. Transfer this cookie mixture into a blender or food processor with half of the coconut oil.

  13. *If you have a conching device, now it is time to put it to good use.*

  14. Blitz until the coconut oil has emulsified with the cookie butter.

  15. Gradually pour in the remaining coconut oil while still blitzing.

  16. Blitz until everything is fully incorporated, for about 3 to 5 mins.

  17. Transfer into a sterilized jar.

  18. Chill in the fridge overnight to solidify the coconut oil.

  19. The next day, sit at room temperature.

  20. The oil should start to separate from the cookie butter.

  21. Use a clean chopstick and mix until well combined.

  22. Spread on some toast and enjoy.


Recipe Video:

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