Richard Sax's Chocolate Cloud Cake

Updated: May 7, 2020

This has been my go-to cake recipe for many years since the day I bought Richard Sax's cookbook, Classic Home Desserts. I made this cake for my daughter's birthdays and on serval occasions. I had tried changing the recipe a bit with a chocolate whipped cream, with added liqueur or some lemon zest. In the end, I still settle with this version.

Above is the version that I had changed. I actually made this for my daughter's birthday. I personally find that the chocolate whipped cream a bit too much and it doesn't resemble the "cloud". Please get your hands on the best quality chocolate that you can find. It really does makes a huge difference; I am using Callebaut.

The magic of this cake is that no matter how the cake will still look rustically beautiful. Be sure to bake the cake within 40 mins to retain that moisture. The cake will rise and crack during the baking process, then collapsed after cooling down. It is great and you want that collapsed effect. When you smear the whipped cream over the top, you know this is gonna be awesome.

I usually finish the cake off with some raw cacao powder or raw cacao nibs. You can try dusting with grated chocolate too. In the end, this cake will catch the attention of a dining table. In closing, I thank you, Richard Sax, who had passed in 1995, for this amazing recipe.


(Make one 8 inch cake)

  • Dark Chocolate 70% Preferably Callebaut or Valrhona, 225g

  • Unsalted Butter Softened, 110g

  • Sea Salt, Pinch

  • Amaretto / Cognac, 2 TBSP + 1 TBSP

  • Fresh Orange Zest, 1 Orange

  • Egg Yolks, 4

  • Eggs, 2

  • Dark Muscovado Sugar, 75g

  • Egg Whites, 4

  • Demerara Sugar, 75g

  • Heavy Whipping Cream, 200g

  • Icing Sugar, 2 TBSP

  • Raw Cacao Powder Preferably Nature's Superfoods, For Dusting

  • Raw Cacao Nibs Preferably Nature's Superfoods, For Garnishing


  • 8 Inch Spring Form Round Cake Pan

  • Oven

  • Hand / Stand Mixer

  • Double Boiler


  1. Line cake pan with parchment paper at the bottom.

  2. *Do not use any butter to grease the pan. You can use water droplets to prevent the paper from moving.*

  3. Preheat oven to 175 degree celsius or 350 fahrenheit.

  4. Prepare a double boiler.

  5. Melt chocolate in the double boiler.

  6. Remove from heat and add in butter.

  7. Stir until the butter has melted completely.

  8. Add in salt, 2 TBSP of Amaretto and orange zest.

  9. Set aside to infuse.

  10. In a large bowl, add in egg yolks, eggs and sugar.

  11. Using a hand or stand mixer, whisk until well combined and sugar has dissolved.

  12. It should triple in volume.

  13. Gently fold in the chocolate mixture to combine well.

  14. In another large bowl, add egg whites.

  15. Using a hand or stand mixer, whisk until light and frothy or soft peaks.

  16. Add in sugar and continue whisking until glossy and stiff peaks form.

  17. Gently fold the egg whites, in quarter portions, into the chocolate mixture until fully incorporated.

  18. Carefully transfer into the prepared cake pan.

  19. Wack into the oven and bake for 35 to 40 mins.

  20. *Do not bake more than 40 mins.*

  21. The sides should rise and crack. The center should not be wobbly.

  22. Remove from oven and set aside to cool completely.

  23. As it cools, the center will collapse. That is a good sign.

  24. When ready to serve, in a large bowl, add in whipping cream.

  25. Place the bowl over an ice water bath.

  26. Whisk until soft peaks.

  27. Add in icing sugar and 1 TBSP of Ameretto.

  28. Whisk until well combined and stiff peaks form.

  29. Unmold the chocolate cake onto a cake stand or a serving plate.

  30. Spread the whipped cream onto the cake.

  31. Dust with some raw cacao powder over the top.

  32. Garnish with some cacao nibs.

  33. Slice and serve immediately or chilled.

Here's the recipe video:

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