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Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Where there's "kopi-c," you can bet there's also "teh-c." In Singaporean lingo, "teh" means tea, and that little "c" stands for the addition of evaporated milk. Interestingly, I discovered that Hong Kong has a similar type of tea that also uses evaporated milk. I'm definitely keeping that on my radar for future exploration.

But for now, let's dive into this uniquely Singaporean take on tea. Personally, I tend to enjoy my coffee and tea without any added sweeteners or cream. Nevertheless, this concoction is quite something. Remember, using the finest quality of tea leaves you can get your hands on makes all the difference. So, here's to raising a cup of perfectly blended tea – cheers!



(Serve 1)

  • Black Tea Leaves, 20g

  • Boiling Water, 1L

  • Evaporated Milk, To Froth



  • Teapot

  • Milk Frother



  1. I am using my Hario ChaCha Kyusu Maru teapot.

  2. Add black tea leaves into the teapot.

  3. Pour the boiling water over the tea leaves.

  4. Cover, steep and brew for 3 to 5 mins.

  5. Froth evaporated milk with a milk frother until foamy.

  6. Pour the tea to a serving cup to about 3/4 way full.

  7. Pour in the frothed evaporated milk.

  8. Top the tea with some foam.

  9. Serve immediately.

  10. Cheers!



Recipe Video:

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