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Patty Melt

Updated: Mar 29

The patty melt, a beloved classic in American diners, is a mouthwatering hybrid between a grilled cheese sandwich and a hamburger. Traditionally, it features a ground beef patty, loads of melted cheese, and caramelized onions sandwiched between slices of buttery, toasted bread, often rye.

It's a dish with roots in the mid-20th century American culinary scene, a testament to the country's love for comfort food that's both satisfying and unpretentious.

In this unique take on the patty melt, I decided to throw in a couple of unconventional twists – grape jelly and peanut butter. Yes, you heard that right! It might sound a bit out there, but the sweet and savory combo brings a whole new dimension to the sandwich.

It's like a little nod to those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches we all loved as kids, but all grown up and paired with the savory richness of the beef and cheese.

The process of making this patty melt starts with the bread, shokupan in this case, which gets a crispy, cheesy crust thanks to a sprinkle of Parmigiano Reggiano before hitting the broiler. Then, there's the beef, seasoned and cooked to perfection while melded with melting Emmental cheese. Sandwich it all together, and you've got a meal that's far from your average diner fare.

So, if you're up for a culinary adventure and a taste of nostalgia with a twist, give this patty melt a go. It's a hearty, flavor-packed sandwich that promises to surprise and satisfy.



(Serve 1)

  • Grapeseed / Sunflower / Canola / Peanut Oil, For Greasing + 2 TBSP

  • Parmigiano Reggiano, For Grating

  • Unsalted Butter, For Spreading + 1 TBSP

  • Shokupan Homemade, 2 Slices Or Any Sandwich Bread

  • Grape Jelly, For Spreading

  • Peanut Butter, For Spreading

  • Cheddar, For Grating

  • Chili Flakes, Pinch

  • Black Pepper, Pinch

  • Dried Oregano, Pinch

  • Yellow Onion Finely Minced, 1

  • Sea Salt, Pinch

  • Ground Beef, 100g

  • Chicken Stock Homemade, For Deglazing

  • Emmental, A Few Slices



  • Cast Iron Skillet / Pan

  • Oven



  1. Please visit my "How To Make Chicken Stock" page for the recipe.

  2. Please visit my "How To Make Shokupan" page for the recipe.

  3. Grease a baking tray with some oil.

  4. Grate some parmigiano to the size of 2 sandwich bread onto the tray.

  5. Spread some butter onto the sandwich bread.

  6. Place the bread, buttered side down onto the parmigiano.

  7. Spread jelly and peanut butter onto the bread, 1 on each bread.

  8. Grate some cheddar into a bowl.

  9. Season with chili flakes, black pepper and oregano.

  10. Mix until well combined.

  11. Transfer the cheddar mixture onto the 2 slices of bread.

  12. Broil in the oven until the cheese has melted and the bottom is crispy browned.

  13. Meanwhile, in a skillet over medium heat, add 2 TBSP of oil.

  14. Once the oil is heated up, add in the onion.

  15. Season with salt and pepper.

  16. Saute until lightly caramelized.

  17. Add in the beef, season with salt and pepper.

  18. Saute until well combined.

  19. Next, add in 1 TBSP of butter and saute until the butter has melted.

  20. Deglaze with a splash of chicken stock.

  21. Lastly, add in the emmental and continue sauteing until the cheese has melted.

  22. Slap the cheesy beef mixture in between of that 2 slices of bread.

  23. Serve immediately.

Mama Mia...


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