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Watermelon Salad

I must admit, I've hopped onto the watermelon craze bandwagon too! And today, I'm excited to share some tricks and tips that many tend to keep to themselves. This recipe combines two types of watermelon: vibrant red and sunny yellow, not only for a stunning color contrast but also for a delightful medley of flavors.

Before we dive in, here's my first tip - remove as many watermelon seeds as humanly possible. While they are technically edible, I find they can disrupt the salad's texture and taste when bitten into.

Now, let's talk about managing the watermelon's juiciness. Tip #2 - avoid preparing the salad too far ahead of time. As the watermelon sits, it releases a lot of water, making the entire salad watery and soggy. The best approach is to toss and combine the ingredients just before serving. A brilliant idea I tried was setting up a salad stand where guests could prep their own bowls of this refreshing goodness.

Ah, tip #3 is an interesting one. While we often chill fruits in the fridge, you might want to leave the watermelon at room temperature. This way, it stays fresh and crisp, enhancing the overall salad experience. I must admit, I've tried both ways, but perhaps watermelon in Singapore is different.

Lastly, tip #4 focuses on our beloved feta. Instead of mixing it in, use it as a delightful garnish. When tossed with the dressing, feta tends to melt, altering the taste and aroma. To maintain that distinct feta flavor, sprinkle it on top and savor each bite.

So there you have it - a watermelon salad with a twist of tips and personal insights. I hope you'll have a blast making this recipe and experimenting with the flavors. Embrace the watermelon craze and let the summer vibes flow!



(Serve 12)

  • Watermelon, 2 Large I'm using a combination of red and yellow watermelon

  • Red Onion Finely Diced, 1

  • Cucumber, 1 Large

  • Kalamata Olives Pitted Coarsely Diced, A Handful

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil, For Dressing

  • Verjuice, For Dressing or Fresh Lemon/Lime Juice and Zest

  • Dried Mint, For Seasoning

  • Sumac, For Seasoning

  • White Sesame Seeds, For Seasoning

  • Black Sesame Seeds, For Seasoning

  • Gochugaru, For Seasoning

  • Sea Salt, For Seasoning

  • Black Pepper, For Seasoning

  • Simple Pesto Homemade, For Dressing

  • Feta, For Garnishing



  • Large Salad Bowl



  1. Please visit my "Panzanella Salad" for the Simple Pesto recipe.

  2. Wash the watermelon thoroughly.

  3. Slice the watermelon flesh from the rinds.

  4. *Do not discard the rinds, I have a watermelon rind recipe coming soon.*

  5. Coarsely dice the watermelon, removing as many seeds as possible.

  6. Set the watermelon aside at room temperature until ready to use.

  7. Next, add some warm water and salt to a small bowl.

  8. Mix until well combined.

  9. Add in the onion and give it a stir to combine well.

  10. Set aside until ready to use.

  11. Slice the cucumber in half.

  12. Scoop out the watery seeds with a spoon. and discard.

  13. Coarsely dice the cucumber.

  14. Drain the onion, discard the liquid, and set it aside until ready to use.

  15. When about to serve, add a couple of servings of watermelon to a salad bowl.

  16. Along with a handful of onion, cucumber and olives.

  17. Drizzle in a couple of TBSP of olive oil, 1 TBSP of verjuice, pinches of mint, sumac, sesame seeds, gochugaru, salt, pepper and 1 TBSP of simple pesto.

  18. Toss until well combined.

  19. Garnish with some crumbles of feta.

  20. Serve immediately.

  21. Repeat the process for the next couple of servings.

  22. *Do not pre-mix beforehand. The watermelon will become watery and soggy.*



Recipe Video:

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