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Iced Milo

When the heat is just too much to handle, there's a genius twist on a classic treat that could be your new favorite cooldown: iced Milo with Milo ice cubes. Instead of just stirring Milo into cold milk, imagine having your drink infused with Milo-flavored ice cubes that pack a flavorful punch without watering down your beverage as they melt.

It's a simple yet brilliant way to elevate your iced Milo game, ensuring that every sip is as rich and chocolatey as the first.

Only use Australian made Milo...

So, why not switch up your routine and try this elevated iced Milo recipe? Those Milo ice cubes are a game-changer, offering a full-bodied flavor that beats any regular iced chocolate drink out there, even the beloved Milo Dinosaur.

Whether you're looking to find solace from the sweltering heat or just in the mood for a deliciously frosty treat, this iced Milo with Milo ice cubes promises to deliver a refreshing and indulgent experience.



(Serve 1)

  • Brewed Milo without Frothing, 1 Serving

  • Whole Milk, 360g

  • Condensed Milk, 45g

  • Milo Preferably Australian Made, 45g + More For Dusting

  • Pink Himalayan Salt, Pinch



  • Sauce Pot

  • Milk Frother

  • Ice Cube Tray



  1. Follow the steps below to brew Milo without frothing.

  2. Transfer to an ice cube tray and freeze overnight.

  3. The next day, add milk and condensed milk to a sauce pot over medium heat.

  4. Whisk to combine well.

  5. Next, whisk in milo, 1/3 portion at a time, until homogenous.

  6. Transfer to a milk frother.

  7. Add salt and froth until smooth and frothy.

  8. Unmold the Milo ice cubes and transfer them to a serving glass.

  9. Pour the frothed Milo over the ice cubes, including the foam.

  10. Dust some Milo over the top.

  11. Serve immediately.

  12. Cheers!



Recipe Video:

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