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My Love For Pizza

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Pizza is the best food. Period! Who doesn't love pizza? Whether it is authentically Italian Pizza, American Pizza or any kinda flatbread across the globe; be it, open-faced, rolled or covered, it is one of humanity's greatest creations! Sound exaggerating eh?

I fell in love with pizza every since my first virgin munch. The crisp crust, the sweetness from the tomatoes and the ooey gooey cheese are meant for one another. That is when I set out on a hunt for the best pizza this world has to offer. I had tasted countless pizzas, from fast-food chains to restaurants and to pizzerias; each has its own distinctive taste.

Initially, I believe that it was the toppings that really matter, but was I so wrong. Because the classic Margherita Pizza has the simplest toppings: just tomatoes, cheese and basil. It solely depends on its dough-crust. From that moment on, I truly understand what "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" means.

I'd done lots of experiments at home, trying to replicate that brick oven pizza, but to no avail, well, until only recently. That was just as close as what you would get in a brick oven pizza.

Here are some pizzas which I had failed:

That is my very first attempt in making pizza in my own kitchen. I even use a commercial pizza pan. It turned out that the toppings cook faster than the dough. That is my very first Margherita Pizza tho. I am using a simple recipe that I can find anywhere online.

That is my second attempt. I even tried to jazz it up with Chinese BBQ Chicken toppings. I had placed too many toppings that it overflowed. This shows that too many toppings aren't always good.

I even attempted on a Sourdough Pizza. The dough is of cos extraordinary, but it somehow over-power the toppings; I guess that a simpler topping should complement the Sourdough crust well. The Sourdough crust even left an aftertaste of tartness after every munch. This is a Tandoori Chicken Sourdough Pizza, BTW.

After many attempting, failing and experimenting, I can say that I finally found the best way to bake pizza at your own home kitchen. Watch for my next post where I will share my methods, tips and tricks in making pizza at home.

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