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My Grilled Pizza Journey and Beyond

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

I had adapted the Grilled Pizza Dough recipe from Peter Reinhart's American Pie. But, I just couldn't get the texture of the dough right; here're a few attempts that I had tried.

That was my Margherita. Right off the bat, I just have to go back to the basics. At 1st glance, it looked okay and just about right. But as I sliced into the pizza and saw the cross-section, I was disappointed.

As you can see, the crust is bready and spongy. Grilled pizza isn't meant to be like this. It is supposed to be thin and crispy. I keep trying other techniques to experiment further, of cos, with other kinds of toppings.

That was my version of BBQ Chicken Grilled Pizza. I tried to press down the dough as I was grilling in my griddle pan, it still puffs up nonetheless. I have to admit tho, this is one tasty grilled pizza! It has one problem: grilled pizza doesn't bake like a normal pizza would so the toppings kinda fall off the pizza as the cheese doesn't get molten burnt. The molten cheese acts like glue. That's what happens when you have too many toppings, so, in Grilled Pizza's world, less is always more.

This time, I tried rolling out the dough longer and kept my fingers crossed that it will not puff up. In the end, it did. That is my take of the infamous Hawaiian Grilled Pizza. To be honest, that was my very 1st time tasting an actual Hawaiian Pizza and I hated it. Pineapple on its own is sweet. To put that on top of tomato sauce and paired with ham and cheese just make the whole pizza gross. It is an Italian tragedy! What's so Hawaiian about it? Moving on...

I had somehow managed to get the crust just about right, but not quite tho. I rolled the dough wider instead of longer. It still puffs up a little tho. I was being a bit fancier here; I used an old Pizza al Taglio recipe. It did hit some tastebuds here. I mean who couldn't resist some sambal ikan bilis (chili paste fried dried anchovies) on top of a crispy grilled pizza? There are definitely room for improvement.

After so many attempts, I had finally found a way for the dough not to puff up as much during grilling. I remembered how I would make tortillas and applied the same technique into this pizza dough. It works like a charm.

3 keynotes for grilling pizza:

  1. Mise en place. Without one, it will be disastrous.

  2. Less is more. Having more than 3 toppings is too many; sauce, cheese and greens. You can have a saucy pulled chicken as your base sauce, but not chunks of chicken bites.

  3. Don't be intimated. Try out different combinations, you never know. At the end of the day, it is just a pizza. Have fun experimenting and exploring.

I hope you will stay tuned for my many grilled pizza recipes.

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