Matcha Milkshake

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I remember quite some time ago, I made a Matcha Frappuccino before. Today, I will be re-creating the recipe with a bit of a twist. This is actually a request from one of my Instagramers. I find that the combination of matcha, white chocolate and red bean blend very well together without overpowering one another. It is like they were meant to be together. Just like tomatoes, cheese and basil (okay. pizza aside, matcha milkshake now).

I did try so hard not to go over the top with this milkshake. It is already awesome. On a side note, please get the best quality matcha powder you can find. Get the one which is meant for drinking and not the food graded ones. It will make a huge difference; the taste, the aroma and the color. Another side note I would like to touch on is white chocolate. White chocolate is actually made from cocoa butter with added sugar and milk. A low graded one doesn't contain much cocoa butter at all; it is merely just sugar and milk. Please get your hands on a high quality one too. Well, enuff debating and let's get started on the recipe.


(Serve 1)

  • Whole Milk, 1/2 Cup

  • High Quality White Chocolate Preferably Valrhona, 40g

  • Matcha Powder, 1 TBSP + More For Garnishing

  • Koshian / Red Bean Paste, 1 Heaped TBSP

  • High Quality Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, 160g

  • Whipped Cream, For Garnishing



  1. Please visit my "How To Make Koshian" page for the recipe.

  2. *While making koshian, reserve a few TBSP of boiled red bean (before blitzing into a paste) for garnishing.*

  3. Chill serving glass in the fridge until ready to serve.

  4. Prepare a double boiler.

  5. Add milk and chocolate onto a double boiler.

  6. Stir constantly until the chocolate has melted.

  7. Transfer the milk mixture into a blender.

  8. Add in matcha, koshian and ice cream.

  9. Blitz until smooth.

  10. *As soon as you see the mixture is combined well, stop blitzing. Over-blitzing will cause the ice-cream to melt super fast and causing it to split.*

  11. Add about 2 TBSP of the boiled red bean into serving glass.

  12. Pour frappe into serving glass.

  13. Top with whipped cream.

  14. Dust some matcha powder over the top.

  15. Scoop 1 TBSP of boiled red bean over the whipped cream.

  16. Serve immediately.

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