How To Make Lavender Extract

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

A regular customer of mine requested me to make a tofu cheesecake for her. She even went thru' the trouble of buying me a slice. She actually wanted me to sorta replicate the texture and taste. As soon as I tasted it, there was a very pleasant lavender undertone back the back of my mouth. I knew that the restaurant was using a lavender extract.

I went searching online for it but to no avail. None of which is food grade, even if it is, it is super expensive. That's the moment I decided to make myself a lavender extract. I used the same method as I would for making vanilla extract. Maybe I should post a separate recipe on that too. You can use this extract for your baking adventures; you can even use it on some desserts as well. Anyway, the cake was a huge success and I can't wait to share it with you lovely people. Please stay tuned for the next recipe.


(Make 250ml)

  • High Quality Vodka, 250ml

  • Organic Food-Grade Dried Lavender, 2 TBSP


  • Air-tight Sterilized Bottle


  1. Add vodka into a sterilized bottle.

  2. Add in the lavender.

  3. Shake to mix well.

  4. Invert the bottle to allow the lavender to immerse into the vodka for a couple of hours.

  5. Set aside in a cool and dry place for 1 to 2 months.

  6. You should see that the clear vodka starts to change into a deep brownish color.

  7. Use the extract for your culinary or baking adventures.

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