How To Make Cultured Butter

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

I'd made some classic kaya toast with my homemade nyonya kaya. As I was munching down the toast, the thought of a homemade butter just popped into my mind. Honestly, the commercial butter these days is quite mediocre. Don't you agree? Well, unless of cos, you are willing to spend some money on some artisanal butter, great butter is pretty scarce.

I dived deep into the rabbit hole and stumbled upon Chef Studio's cultured butter recipe on YouTube. Please subscribe to her channel for lots of wonderful chefy recipes. I couldn't find grass-fed organic whipping cream anywhere as regular whipping cream will create white butter. The difference between white and yellow butter comes from the diet of the cows.

Cows that consume green grass take in more beta carotene and beta carotene is what gives butter that yellow shade. While most commercial dairy products come from cows that consume dried hay and grains which lack beta carotene. Yes! Most commercial butter has yellow food coloring added to make it "normal". I think that's more than enough knowledge for 1 day; let's get started with the recipe.


Inspired by Chef Studio

(Make about 200g of butter)

  • Heavy Whipping Cream Preferably Organic & Grass-Fed, 1kg

  • Live Cultured Yogurt Preferably Organic, 150g

  • Pink Himalayan Salt, 1.7%

  • Nori Flakes, Pinch


  • Hand / Stand Mixer


  1. In a large bowl, add cream and yogurt.

  2. Mix until well combined.

  3. Cover loosely with cling film.

  4. Set aside, at room temperature, in a cool and dry place for 24 to 48 hrs.

  5. *The timing may vary from climate to climate. I am residing in a very humid environment. It took me about 36 hrs.*

  6. The mixture should be thick, whipped cream consistency.

  7. Using a hand or stand mixer, whip until the milk solids separate from the buttermilk.

  8. Place a large sieve over a bowl.

  9. Place a cheesecloth over the sieve.

  10. Transfer the mixture onto the cheesecloth.

  11. Wrap and set aside to drip for about 1 hr.

  12. Give it a light squeeze.

  13. *You can use the buttermilk for cooking or baking. I usually make buttermilk pancakes for my daughters.*

  14. Prepare 2 bowls of iced water.

  15. Transfer the butter into one of the bowls.

  16. Wash the butter.

  17. Once the water becomes too cloudy, transfer the butter into the other bowl.

  18. Continue washing and kneading until the water runs clear, switching back and forth between bowls of clean iced water.

  19. Measure out the butter.

  20. Take the weight multiply by 1.7.

  21. That is the weight of salt that you are gonna add.

  22. Add in some nori flakes.

  23. Fold and mix until well combined.

  24. You can transfer the butter onto a cling film and roll it tightly into a log; I am just using a loaf pan lined with cling film.

  25. *Make sure the butter is packed compactly.*

  26. Keep it chilled in the fridge overnight.

  27. The butter should be hardened.

  28. Spread it on some toast and enjoy.

Here's the recipe video:


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