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Updated: Mar 14, 2020

During my trip to Bandung, Indonesia, I had a glass of Avocado Ice-Blended Coffee. To my disappointment, I couldn't taste any avocado nor coffee. It was bland. I was sitting there enjoying the ambiance nonetheless, thinking to myself, "I can do this way better." Perhaps I indeed said that out loud as my partner questioned how will I make it better. This is the result.

I used my cold-brewed coffee and allow the avocado to shine on its own. You can of cos use freshly brewed espresso. In my opinion, the coconut rum sorta elevates this frappe up a notch. You can omit it entirely. I love how everything is so well-balanced in this fabulous glass of milkshake; you get hit with the dark chocolate at 1st sip, followed by the chilly avocado with the aroma of the coffee aftertaste plus a tiny kick from the rum. The trick to making an awesome milkshake is to omit the use of ice entirely. The ice will water down everything.

I actually made this milkshake way back on 4th Jan 2015, but it was nothing compared to this, as you can see. To make things even further, I challenge myself to keep this 100% vegan. It was a real challenge indeed, but like an old proverb used to say, the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory! I am so glad that it works! Without much delay, let's get started with this recipe.


  • High Quality Dark Chocolate Preferably Valrhona, 50g + More For Garnishing

  • Cold Brewed Coffee / Freshly Brewed Espresso, 2oz

  • High Quality Dairy-Free Coconut Ice Cream, 140g

  • Coconut Milk, 2oz

  • Avocado Ripe, 1 (Save A Slice For Garnishing)

  • Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk, 2oz

  • Coconut Rum, 2 TBSP

  • Clotted Coconut Cream, For Garnishing

  • High Quality Instant Espresso, For Garnishing



  1. Please visit my "Making Cold-Brewed Coffee At Home" page for the recipe.

  2. Melt chocolate on the double boiler.

  3. As soon as the chocolate starts to melt, remove from heat.

  4. ​Using the back of a spoon, smear as much chocolate from the bowl as possible.

  5. Smear the chocolate on the walls of serving glass.

  6. Chill the glass in the fridge until ready to use.

  7. In a blender, add coffee, ice cream, milk, avocado, condensed milk and coconut rum.

  8. Blitz until well combine.

  9. *Stop blitzing as soon as the ice-cream has melted. Over blitzing will cause the ice-cream to split.*

  10. Pour into serving glasses.

  11. Making clotted coconut cream.

  12. Place canned organic coconut milk in the fridge overnight.

  13. The next day, when you open the can, you will see the coconut cream has separated from the whey.

  14. The coconut cream is actually called clotted coconut cream.

  15. Discard the whey.

  16. Transfer the clotted coconut cream into piping bag with a star tip.

  17. Pipe the cream over the milkshake.

  18. Garnish with instant espresso.

  19. Using a cheese grater, shave some more dark chocolate over the top.

  20. Lastly, garnish with a slice of avocado.

  21. Serve immediately.

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