Apam Balik

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

As far as I can remember, I did a repost of this recipe way back on 25th April 2017. I always felt that I didn't do enuff justice to this iconic Singapore and Malaysian street food. Perhaps I was trying to be fancy. I decided to return back to basics and focus more on the batter rather than the fillings; as great chefs used to say, master the basics 1st before going artsy.

It actually took me quite a few failed attempts before finding the right ingredients and techniques. My 1st failed attempt is with normal bleached all purpose flour; during the cooking process, the pancake didn't rise to the ideal height as expected. I assumed that the type of flour used might play a part. I switched to unbleached all purpose flour as it has a higher protein content. Although it indeed made a difference and rose better than the 1st attempt, it is still pale in comparison, until I switched baking powder out for active instant dry yeast. I allowed the batter to rise before the final cooking process and the rest is history!

Look at the beautiful cross-section air-pockets. These pancakes are super crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. I also decided to use the traditional peanuts + cream corn and the red sugared coconut fillings. On a side note, during my research, I stumbled upon an Indonesian Martabak Manis. It is very much similar to this Apam Balik; a pandan base batter is used and savory fillings like cheeses or chocolate are used. Perhaps I should try making that. In the meantime, let's get started with the recipe.


(Make 2 Apam Bailk)

  • Pancake Batter:

  • Water, 320g

  • Active Instant Dry Yeast, 1 TSP

  • Granulated Sugar, 4 TBSP

  • Unbleached All Purpose Flour, 260g

  • Baking Soda, 1 TSP

  • Eggs, 2

  • Peanut Cream Corn Fillings:

  • Cream Corn, A Few TBSP

  • Roasted Peanut Ground, 25g

  • Toasted Sesame Seeds, 8g

  • Dark Muscovado Sugar, 10g

  • Red Sugared Coconut Fillings:

  • Desiccated Coconut Preferably Organic, 1/2 Cup

  • Water, 3/8 Cup

  • Red Sugar, 25g Adjust To Preference

  • Pancakes:

  • Unsalted Butter, For Greasing


  • Cast Iron Skillet / Pan 10"


  1. Prepare pancake batter.

  2. In a bowl, combine water, yeast and sugar.

  3. Stir to combine well and until the yeast + sugar has dissolved.

  4. Set aside for about 10 mins to allow the yeast to activate or until foamy.

  5. In a large bowl, add flour and baking soda.

  6. Add in the yeast mixture while stirring with a spatula.

  7. Add in eggs and stir to combine well.

  8. *Make sure no lumps.*

  9. Cover with cling film and set aside for at least 1 hr or until double in size.

  10. Prepare peanut cream corn fillings.

  11. I am using canned cream corn. If you can't get your hands on canned ones. You can create your own. Here's how to make simple cream corn.

  12. Combine 70g corn kernels, 1/4 heavy cream, 1/2 TBSP granulated sugar and 1/2 TBSP unsalted butter in a sauce pot over medium heat. Mix 1/4 cup whole milk and 1/2 TBSP bleached all purpose flour well. Stir the milk mixture into the corn mixture. Stir to combine well. Simmer until the corn is cooked thru'. Taste and adjust for seasonings. Remove from heat and set aside.

  13. Combine peanuts, sesame seeds and sugar in a bowl.

  14. Stir to combine well.

  15. Prepare coconut palm sugar fillings.

  16. In a sauce pot over medium heat, add in water and sugar.

  17. Stir until the sugar has melted.

  18. Add in coconut.

  19. Stir to combine well.

  20. Remove from heat and set aside.

  21. Assemble the pancakes.

  22. Lightly grease a skillet well with unsalted butter.

  23. Over low heat, ladle half of the pancake batter into the skillet.

  24. It should cover the whole 10" skillet.

  25. Once bubbles start to form in the middle, cover and cook for about 4 mins.

  26. For the peanuts cream corn fillings:

  27. Remove cover.

  28. Scatter the peanut mixture evenly onto the whole pancakes.

  29. Dollop the cream corn over the top.

  30. Using an offset spatula, loosen the edges and fold the pancake in half.

  31. For the red sugared coconut fillings:

  32. Remove cover.

  33. Scatter the coconut evenly onto the whole pancakes.

  34. Using an offset spatula, loosen the edges and fold the pancake in half.

  35. Remove from heat and carefully transfer onto a serving plate.

  36. Slice the pancakes in halves or thirds.

  37. Repeat the steps for the remaining pancake.

  38. Serve immediately.

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