How To Make Homemade Curry Sauce

If you are residing in Singapore, you will be fascinated by McDonald's Curry Sauce; it is sweet with a mild spiciness aftertaste. It has become Singapore's favorite dipping sauce. I had been trying to crack their curry sauce for quite time and instead of replicating the exact same taste, I ended up creating my very own curry sauce.

Yes, that's one long scary list of ingredients in that sauce. True story, I stumbled on a vintage UK style eatery which serves only fish and chips. The intriguing thing is that they have a handful of sauces to go along with their fish and chips; house-made tomato ketchup, tartar sauce and you should've guess, curry sauce! As soon as I took my first taste into the curry sauce, I immediately knew McDonald's secret. The taste is almost identical.

Being how excited I was, I began asking (more like pestering) how they made their curry sauce. Their secret is apples. I can also taste a bit of buttery nuttiness at the back of my mouth which is similar to Japanese curry sauce. It was that exact moment, I sketched up the recipe in my head while savoring their fish and chips with the curry sauce. Despite that scary list of ingredients, Singaporeans are still happily dipping away with nuggets and French fries. I hope you will really give this healthier version a try. Stay tuned for the upcoming nugget recipe to pair along with this amazing curry sauce.


(Serve 4)

  • Canola / Peanut / Vegetable Oil, 2 TBSP

  • Yellow Onion Finely Sliced, 1

  • Palm Sugar, 2 TBSP Adjust To Preference

  • Garlic Crushed, 2 Cloves

  • Ginger Finely Slice, 1/2 Inch

  • Madras Curry Powder, 1/2 TSP

  • Turmeric Powder, 1 TSP

  • Cumin Powder, 1.5 TSP

  • Coriander Powder, 1/2 TSP

  • Smoked Paprika, 1 TSP

  • Roasted Red Chili Flakes, Pinch Adjust To Preference

  • Tomato Puree, 1 TBSP

  • Bleached All Purpose Flour, 1 TBSP

  • Unsalted Butter, 1 TBSP

  • Vegetable Stock, 1.5 Cup

  • Red Gala Apple Cored Peeled Diced, 1

  • Worcestershire Sauce, 1 TSP

  • Fresh Lemon Zest, 1 Lemon

  • Fresh Lemon Juice, 1 Lemon

  • Sea Salt, Pinch

  • Black Pepper, Pinch


  • Sauce Pot

  • Blender


  1. Please visit my "The Kare Panzerotto" page for the madras curry powder recipe.

  2. In a sauce pot over medium heat, add oil.

  3. Add in onion.

  4. Season with sugar, salt and pepper.

  5. Saute until the onion are slightly caramelized.

  6. Add in garlic and ginger.

  7. Saute until aromatic.

  8. Add in curry, turmeric, cumin, coriander and paprika.

  9. Stir to combine well.

  10. Add in tomato puree.

  11. Stir to combine well.

  12. Add in flour and butter.

  13. Stir to combine well and make sure no lumps.

  14. Add in vegetable stock, apples and worcestershire sauce.

  15. Stir to combine well and bring it up to a simmer.

  16. Continue simmering until slightly reduce and coats the back of a spoon.

  17. Carefully transfer the curry sauce into a blender.

  18. Add in lemon zest and juice.

  19. Blitz until smooth.

  20. Return the curry back into the pot.

  21. Taste and adjust for seasonings with sugar, salt and pepper.

  22. Bring it up to a simmer.

  23. Continue simmering until the sauce is slightly reduced and thickens.

  24. *If you desire a smoother consistency, you can transfer the sauce into a sterilized heat proof container thru' a fine strainer. Discard the residue.*

  25. Keep the sauce in the fridge at least overnight before using.

  26. *It can keep in the fridge for up to 5 days.*

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