Shrimp Toast

I seem to be on a shrimpy roll here. Lol! To be honest, I never like shrimps until I learned how to prepare them properly. Most eateries will cook the shrimps with shells on. Having shells on means deveining is not done and will lead to "seafoody" smell. Which is a major turn off for me. Seafood needs to be fresh and be prepped properly to take away the "seafoody" smell. Ever since I had learned the trick of prepping shrimps properly, I began falling in love with them.

This is also my very 1st recipe I had made with shrimps. I had made this shrimp toast quite some time ago and didn't really have the chance to show you lovely people. I guess now is the time. Cos one of my goals for 2019 is to revitalize some of my old recipes. I didn't process the shrimps until it becomes a mousse. Instead, I chopped them up into fine coarse with a cleaver. That way, I get bites of shrimps chunks. You can of cos choose whichever kinda texture as desired.

The trick in making a great shrimp toast is to use a very soft white sandwich bread. Brioche or any eggy rich bread will not work. I find that Japanese white bread produce the best results. As you can see from the photos, I dunked my shrimp toast with a mixture of white and black sesame seeds. The sesame seeds do add another layer of aromatics. Usually, these toasts are being cut into triangles, but I find that cutting them in squares make a better plating. Don't you agree? Anyway, I hope you will give this recipe a try.


(Make 2 toasts)

  • Shrimps Deveined Shelled, 250g

  • Baking Soda, 1 TSP

  • Ice Cubes, 1 Cup

  • Egg White, 2 TBSP

  • Tapioca Starch, 1 TBSP

  • Sea Salt, Pinch

  • White Pepper, Pinch

  • Homemade Thai Chili Paste, 2 TBSP

  • Sesame Oil, 1 TSP

  • Scallions White Parts Only Finely Chopped, A Handful

  • Canola / Peanut / Vegetable Oil, For Frying

  • White Soft Japanese Bread, 2

  • White Sesame Seeds, 3 TBSP

  • Black Sesame Seeds, 1 TBSP

  • Scallions Green Parts Only Finely Chopped, A Handful


  • Dutch Oven


  1. Please visit my "My Grilled Pizza: The Tom Yum" page for the Thai Chili Paste.

  2. Transfer the shrimps into a large bowl.

  3. Coat the shrimps well with baking soda.

  4. Add just enuff cold water to submerge the shrimps.

  5. Add in the ice cubes.

  6. Set aside for at least 30 mins.

  7. Drain and rinse the shrimps thoroughly under running water.

  8. Pat the shrimps dry with kitchen paper.

  9. Place shrimps into a small bowl along with egg white and tapioca starch.

  10. Mix and coat the shrimps well with the marinade.

  11. Cover with cling film and marinade in fridge overnight.

  12. Next day, transfer shrimps onto a chopping board.

  13. Chop the shrimps coarsely into fine pieces.

  14. Transfer the chopped shrimps back into the bowl with any leftover marinade.

  15. Add in salt, pepper, chili paste, sesame oil and scallions.

  16. Mix to combine well.

  17. Add canola oil into a dutch oven, about 2 inches in depth, over medium heat.

  18. *To check if the temperature of the oil is ready, place a wooden chopstick into the oil.

  19. If bubbles start to form, the temperature is ready for frying.*

  20. Spread the shrimp mixture onto the bread

  21. Cut into 4 squares.

  22. Mix white and black sesame seeds together in a shallow bowl.

  23. Dunk the toast into the sesame seeds mixture, shrimp side down.

  24. Carefully drop the toasts into the oil.

  25. Deep fried until golden brown on both sides.s.

  26. Remove from heat and drain off excess oil on a wire cooling rack or on a plate lined with kitchen paper.

  27. Garnish with some more scallions.

  28. Serve immediately.

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