Matcha Melody - Sponsored by Bakestarters + 20% Discount

I was approached by Bakestarters to do a sponsored collaboration (this is my very 1st sponsored collaboration TBH). They have a huge array of items to choose from, but only this Matcha Melody caught my eyes. Maybe I couldn't resist that beautiful matcha glaze. Despite not not really knowing what Bakestarters is all about or what was I about to get into, I still went ahead with the idea of collaborating. This is the fancy box which I had received from the delivery officer:

Initially, I thought that it was a kit with "simple instant" ingredients to put together to "form" a cake. But as soon as I opened the box, I was so wrong. It contains a number of ingredients and a very well thought out instructions card. I was flabbergasted. They even have a cooler bag for the butter to prevent it from melting. Yes! Real butter from France, definitely not your typical margarine! They also provide baking loaf molds! How cool is that? Every ingredients are measured and packed into individual bags, all I have to do is, follow the instructions carefully and get baking.

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I was thinking, if the butter is that good, the rest of ingredients should be around that same good quality. Yes, the end results clearly do not disappoint. I wish I can show you the ingredients individually and the process, but it is not a right thing to do as Bakestarters is indeed running a business. I can only show you the final product, so, prepare to feast your eyes.

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This is an amazing experience. Everything is very well thought out by people who really understands and loves baking. It not only save loads of time (you don't have to measure out every ingredients), it also save money (you only buying on the amount you really need) and cut down wastage (we all have that moment when an ingredient expired which being used only once and shoved to the back of the fridge for eternity). Instead of spending huge dollars on buying a cake, why not have fun baking them? You can even impress your friends, families and neighbors. I will be ordering more from Bakestarters, you should too. Head on to their webbie and grab something which catches your eyes.

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