After some hearty brunch, savory side and main dishes, why not head back to a donut for brunch? I am not a donut person, so you must be surprise that I would post a donut recipe. Apart from beignets, this is another kind of donut which I will indulge on. This is an Italy donut that is usually filled with Nutella and it is a famous Café menu item.

There're lots of different variations of bomboloni all over Italy and the name bomboloni derived from the resemblance of an old-fashioned bomb. Today it is regarded as a calorie bomb. I mean, this is Xmas, it is the best time to be in a food coma; I have a theory, eat 1st, work out later. Lol!

This recipe is inspired by the amazing Laura In The Kitchen. I had tuned in her YouTube channel for years now. If you haven't heard or subscribe to her channel yet, pls do so. She has a huge repertoire of recipes. I hope I did some justice to her recipe. Anyway, I hope you will give this recipe a try and wake up to these highly addictive bomboloni this Xmas season.


Inspired by Laura In The Kitchen

(Serve 8)

  • Lukewarm Whole Milk, 240ml

  • Active Instant Dry Yeast, 2 1/4 TSP

  • Bleached All Purpose Flour, 512g

  • Granulated Sugar, 50g

  • Sea Salt, 1 TSP

  • Unsalted Butter Softened, 57g + More For Greasing

  • Pure Vanilla Paste, 2 TSP

  • Eggs Lightly Beaten, 2

  • Canola / Peanut / Vegetable Oil, For Frying

  • Icing Sugar, For Garnishing

  • Nutella, For Piping


  • 3 Inch Cookie Cutter

  • Dutch Oven

  • Wire Cooling Rack


  1. In a bowl, add in milk and yeast.

  2. Stir to dissolve the yeast.

  3. Set aside for 5 mins.

  4. After 5 mins, the yeast mixture should become foamy.

  5. In a large mixing bowl, add flour, sugar and salt.

  6. Lightly stir to combine well.

  7. Create a well in the middle.

  8. Add the yeast mixture into the well gradually while still mixing.

  9. Mix to combine well or until it comes together as a dough.

  10. Add in butter, vanilla and eggs.

  11. Knead the dough inside the bowl until all the nooks and crannies of flour is kneaded into the dough, about 5 mins.

  12. The dough should be very tacky.

  13. Transfer the dough out onto a working surface and continue kneading for another 5 to 8 mins until smooth and slightly tacky. It should pass the "window-pane" test.

  14. If the dough is too dry, add in milk, 1 TBSP at a time. If the dough is too sticky, add in flour, 1 TBSP at a time.

  15. Generously grease the bowl with butter.

  16. Transfer the dough back to greased bowl.

  17. Cover with cling film and let rise for 2 hrs or until doubled in size.

  18. Punch down the dough to deflate the air.

  19. Divide the dough into halves.

  20. Transfer the dough onto a lightly floured surface.

  21. Using a rolling pin, roll out the dough into a rectangular shape with a thickness of about 1/4 inch thick.

  22. Using cookie cutter to cut out discs.

  23. *You can re-shape the scraps into a dough ball, re-roll and cut into discs again.*

  24. Transfer the disc onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper.

  25. Cover with a damp lint free kitchen towel and let it rise for 60 mins.

  26. Repeat the steps for the remaining dough.

  27. It should have risen to about 1/2 inch thick and is light and fluffy.

  28. Add oil into a dutch oven, about 2 inches in depth, over medium heat.

  29. *To check if the temperature of the oil is ready, place a wooden chopstick into the oil.

  30. If bubbles start to form, the temperature is ready for frying.*

  31. Gently drop the dough into the oil away from you.

  32. Immediately, ladle oil over the dough. This is to ensure that the dough will puff up.

  33. Deep fry until golden brown on both sides.

  34. Remove from heat and drain off excess oil in a wire cooling rack or a plate lined with kitchen paper.

  35. Repeat the steps for the remaining dough.

  36. As quickly as you can, transfer Nutella into a piping bag.

  37. Cut a small slit on the bomboloni.

  38. Pipe Nutella into the bomboloni.

  39. Transfer onto a serving plate.

  40. Lightly dust some icing sugar over the top.

  41. Serve immediately.

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